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{Week 3} BTS in a Flash! Decore & More

Welcome back for Week 3 of the Back to School in a Flash link up and giveaway! This week the focus is on one of my favorite topics CLASSROOM DECOR!!!!!

For this week’s post, how about I let the pictures do the talking for me? Before we get started though I did want to let you know that these pics are from last year’s classroom. I’ve yet to return to school, so I decided to share last year’s pics. But don’t worry as soon as I have my class ready to go I’ll be sure to share!
Just sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let’s begin the tour…

When you enter my classroom, you are greeted by this double bulletin board. I like to update this board frequently with what we’re currently learning.

On top of the sink I’ve hung up our Earth day projects. We had SOOOOO much fun making them with shaving cream and food coloring. You can read more about that here

These are our character education kids . During the first week of school, I like to introduce each of the 8 traits we work on. We use books, discussions, and sometimes even role playing to learn about them. Then throughout the year as students earn badges for displaying these traits, they attach badges to their individual posters! At the end of the year they get to take them home :0)

On the back counter I have 4 colored baskets where students turn in completed work. We also have different bins which hold our ELA Task Cards, Writing Notebooks, Literature Circle Folders, and student book bins. On the windows I like to display student’s Social Studies work such as various booklets we completed while learning about the  
5 regions.

Here you see our AR Slam Dunk board and our football themed Reading Plus board where we track how many sessions students complete every nine weeks. Students receive rewards for every 20 sessions completed. Students loved racing each other to see who would score a TOUCHDOWN first!

 This is our computer center. I like to use a table skirt from Party City to cover up all those nasty cables underneath the table.

This is our SmartBoard and the Reading Dugout area. I like to hang Genre Reference Posters here. As I introduce a new genre, that poster gets added to the board. Students love hanging out here and reading a good book with their buddies!

This is our classroom library which is organized by genre. You can also see part of our white board which I have divided into different sections using magnetic borders which I can move around as needed. Underneath you can also see our Figurative Language Posters. This is where we record examples of alliterations, similes, metaphors, etc… on post its. You can download my headers for free here.

 Here’s more of our white board. In this picture you can actually see the Accountable Talk (Collaborative Conversation) Posters that are above the board. We use Collaborative Conversations almost on a daily basis and these posters help guide students in the beginning stages. They were a blessing this past year!

This last picture is taken from the center of the room. You can see that I have my desks arranged in groups. Although I change the desk arrangements various times throughout the year. I try to keep them in groups in order to facilitate Collaborative Conversations. I love to have my students work in pairs or groups, and I’ve just found that small groups seem to work best.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour around my second home!

How would you like to win some sweet prizes to help  get your class set up? Just enter the giveaway below.
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Now it’s your turn to link up. Simply use the picture below to share some pics of your class.

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  • Reply
    Fancy Free in 4th
    August 9, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Looks fabulous! I love the character traits board because it can work for their behavior and be used in reading too!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  • Reply
    Jamie Knefely
    August 9, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    I really like how you have displayed student work in the classroom. I also do that. Last year I had student work stuck here and there. This year I am trying to designate one board or area for student work display. I am hoping that it will give it a more organized look. Thanks for sharing!


  • Reply
    Jamie Sears
    August 9, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    I smiled when I saw how everything is neatly labeled! You are like my twin!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

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