Get To Know Me A Little Better

Hello there and WELCOME to More Time 2 Teach…

I’m so happy  you stopped by today! My name is Melissa Yglesias and I teach 3rd grade in sunny Florida, where I’ve lived pretty much my entire life.

Unlike many educators that grow up knowing they want to become a teacher, I did not…

As a matter of fact, when I started college I was certain that I was going to be a child psychologist. Little did I know that God had other plans for me.

While pursuing a degree in psychology, I decided to take an education course. I’ll never forget the moment I visited my first classroom.


I absolutely LOVED being in front of the class with 34 eager little eyes staring at me! It was at THAT moment, that I knew that I was meant to teach!


What’s funny is that although shy and quiet for the most part, there’s something about being in a classroom with my students that brings out another side of me. With them, I have no problem at all acting silly. I’ve been known to stand on tables, make up weird songs to familiar tunes, conduct messy science experiments, and even paint with shaving cream. I love trying out new ideas!

You see I’m THAT teacher that’s willing to do whatever’s necessary as long as it means that my students are learning!


When I’m not teaching, I’m busy being mom to 2 active teenagers and wife to my supportive husband. Ryan, my oldest, is a freshman in High School and is learning to drive {gasp!} Raquelle, is right behind him in the 8th grade.  Besides my hubby and kids, my heart belongs to our fur-baby Jeter. I mean who can resist this sweet face…

He’s a Hungarian Vizsla and the sweetest dog I’ve ever had! He also thinks he’s a lapdog (I don’t think he realizes that he weighs 43 pounds!)
Now that you’ve gotten to know me a little bit better,  why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee and stay awhile… I’d love to have you join me!