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Refraction of Light Experiment

Ever looked at a straw in a cup of water and wonder why it looks bigger and appears to be bent? Or look at something underwater and wondered why it…


How To Write a Paragraph

Teaching students how to write a paragraph is not an easy task! Especially since many children struggle to put their thoughts down on paper. Let’s just face it… not all…

Teaching fractions is not an easy task! But it doesn't have to be… Read on to finally understand why fractions are so difficult for children and what you can do to make sure your students don’t struggle.

5 Tips On How To Teach Fractions

Teaching fractions is not an easy task! We know that it’s a topic that year after year, students struggle with. It’s like teaching about the distributive property or elapsed time…


Understanding Fractions On A Number Line

Helping students develop an understanding of fractions on a number line, is not an easy task. That’s exactly why I like to infuse some hands-on activities + fraction fun into…


How To Teach Science Effectively

  Teaching science can be tricky… I mean it’s such an abstract concept for our kiddos. It also doesn’t help, if our textbooks are not exactly kid-friendly…  and let’s not…