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Returning From Winter Break: Tips For A Smooth Start

Anytime there’s a break from our regular classroom routine, there’s a period of re-adjustment. Winter Break is no different! After spending a few weeks going to sleep at who knows what time… waking up late… and eating ALL THE THINGS, getting back into ANY sort of routine is going to be especially difficult. I’m not talking only about the kiddos here! Getting back from Winter Break is hard for us adults too. That’s why we should plan ahead and avoid any…

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DIY Science Lab Coats

Science labs can get a little messy sometimes! And I don’t know about you, but I get a little nervous about my kids dirtying their school clothes during our labs.…


Fractions On A Number Line

Hi there, Friends!  Last week I decided to tackle fractions on a number line. I’ll admit it… I was a bit nervous planning for the week! I mean having taught…