July Currently and 4th of July Sale

July already? Is it just me or does it seem that every year the months seem to go by faster than the year before?…especially once kids came into the picture.               Only 3 days into the month and I’m linking                   up for Farley’s Currently. July Currently Final Listening: One of my favorite songs at the moment is Glitter in the Air by Pink. Up until recently, I never really sat down and listened to some of her lyrics. When I did though, I realized how deep and raw her songs are. You can tell that she’s been through a lot in life. I love how this song reminds me to take time to enjoy the simple things in life… like how my son puts queso fresco and chipotle cheese with pepper on his bagels every morning and how my daughter fills every square of her Eggos with syrup :0) Loving: I can’t decide if I love Essie and Opi nail polish for their colors or for their ridiculously cool names. I wish I was part of the creative team that had the job of coming up names for new nail polishes. Sounds like fun to me!!!! Right now I’m sporting a beautiful fuchsia pink color called Bachelorette Bash. Thinking: Normally I have my son’s karate uniform washed and clean by the end of the weekend, but during the summer my normal routine seems to slide a bit. Thank goodness I remembered and ran to the washer to get it ready for class. :0) Mom to the rescue!!!!! Wanting: Today we went to a family picnic for my husbands work. We had such a nice time tossing the football, playing in the playground, jumping in the bounce house, putting faces to the names my husband always talks about, and of course the BBQ. Now I’m just wanting to jump in the shower and wash off the sticky sweat from being outside all day. Needing: I usually organize all the closets in my house by the end of the first week of summer. However, for some reason I have simply had NO desire to organize ANYTHING! and that’s strange for me… I usually LOVE to organize. You can ask my husband, it drives him C-R-A-Z-Y. Maybe I’ll start next week… then again maybe not :0( Tips: I recently joined Adobe Creative Cloud with a promo they were having for students and teachers and am absolutely loving it! I’ve been using Photoshop and Adobe Pro and just the other day I made a task card bundle by using Adobe Pro to merge them into 1 PDF file. The best part was that all it took was a click of a button. AMAZING! Surprised child laying in the grass Last but definitely not least, in honor of Independence Day I’m having a sale starting tomorrow July 4th until Sunday July 7th. EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off so come on by and stock up for the start of the school year! Slide1 Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!! XOXO, final signature

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