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iTeach Third: 8 Tips EVERY teacher NEEDS to Know

Last week I spent the day with my younger brother helping him set up his very FIRST classroom… I am so EXCITED for him and thrilled that he’s also going to be teaching THIRD!!!!

The few days I spent with him, got me thinking…  I wish that I had someone 17 years ago to guide me when I first started teaching…. someone to teach me a few tricks of the trade or to teach me the simple things such as which Sticky Tack brand works best or how to keep my posters from falling off the walls. I didn’t even have my BFF Pinterest to help me out back then.

So if you’re new to teaching or maybe even been teaching for years, I’ve got you covered because today over at iTeach Third I’m sharing 8 simple tips I think EVERY teacher should know! Click here to go check them out… They’ve been my lifesavers time and time again and I think they can do the same for you.

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