Earth Day: What are your plans?

Are you all set for this week’s Earth Day celebration… or are you like me (on most years) and usually forget about Earth Day until the last minute. It’s sad but true. Earth Day sneaks up on me since we’re usually caught up in all the craziness that comes along with testing season.


Either way, don’t feel bad because you’re NOT ALONE!!! I think other upper elementary teachers that are in our shoes can also relate. This time of year is simply D-R-A-I-N-I-N-G for us!


The truth of the matter is that we get caught up prepping for testing and making sure our kids have encouraging notes or snacks to motivate them on those 2 weeks of testing, that before we know it’s EARTH DAY… but this year’s going to be different because I’ve got you covered with a few resources that have saved my life.


First up, here’s a great website for videos on recycling.

Click on the picture to be taken directly to the site

This site is pretty simple to navigate.  To find videos on recycling click on “Browse by Grade and Subject”, enter 3rd grade & science. Then under search type “Recycling”.


Check out some of the gems I discovered…


This first video takes students on a field trip to a Recycling Center so that they can see firsthand the people and machines involved in the recycling process.

Next, up is an INTERACTIVE STORY in which students learn about the benefits of sorting trash.



Then there’s another INTERACTIVE STORY showing students how the decisions we make about our trash has consequences.


Last up, is another video showing a FUN GAME that you can play in your classroom called TRASH DASH. In this game students sort trash to score points for their team. Check it out!

Aside from showing these videos to my kiddos, we read these Love Our Earth booklets from my Earth Day Unit. This book uses kid-friendly language to explain the recycling process and how Earth Day all began.


The unit also has these handy quick checks to make sure that the kids understand the information in the booklet.


Lastly, we ended our unit with a FUN CRAFTIVITY! Click here to snag yourself a copy for FREE at my store.


Shaving cream, glue, and food coloring!
Add caption
Three quick and easy writing prompts to show what they’ve learned!


The final product that will be added up around our classroom!

I hope you’ve found a few useful resources to help you plan for Earth Day.

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