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A Big Surprise Reveal

When I first started teaching, 17 years ago, I remember sitting in front of my computer searching for teaching tips specifically geared for 3rd grade. 
I hoped to find another fellow 3rd grade teacher that might shed some light on how to teach the writing process to my babies or what strategies worked best for teaching them how to regroup across zeroes.
I came up with NOTHING, at least not a website written with 3rd grade teachers in mind or written by a 3rd grade teacher. (Remember, this was almost 20 years ago)
Fast forward 17 years… I’m still teaching the 3rd grade, only thing is that MANY things have changed since then.
If you google 3rd grade blogs now, you will find many excellent sites written by fabulous teachers… many of which I’ve become friends with.
But a few months ago I started thinking…. 
…a blog that is written BY 3rd grade teachers FOR 3rd grade teachers?
… a place where 3rd grade teachers could come together to meet, see, and hear about strategies that work for our particular grade level.
Wouldn’t it be GREAT to find a group of 3rd grade teachers…
That’s where my Big Surprise Reveal comes into play!!!!!
Let me introduce you to…
A collaborative blog written by 11 third grade teachers just like you and me! We are dedicated to bringing you ideas, tips, strategies, resources,etc… that we use with our own 3rd graders.
We are CELEBRATING our official BLOG LAUNCH with a 2 day giveaway. For today and tomorrow only, when you visit our blog iTeach Third and follow us on FB, you will receive a total of 11 of our products for FREE! 
So click on any of the pics above to be taken directly to iTeach Third so that you to can enter the giveaway and receive your FREEBIES!
Remember to spread the word to your 3 grade besties… 
we now have a place ALL to OURSELVES!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I look forward to seeing you back here or at iTeach Third ;0)

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