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Since many of us are already back in our classrooms or about to return to our classrooms, I thought I’d share a few things I made for my classroom that were inspired by pins I found on Pinterest. Perhaps they will inspire you as well! super bucket warning bucket no recess bucket Note home bucket In my classroom, I have a FEW behavior management plans in place. I know, I know, some of you might be thinking, “Is she nuts?” Well, maybe just a little!  :0) Joking aside, I’ve just found that these plans really work, AND that the kiddos really enjoy them as well. The first behavior plan I have in my class are these buckets pictured above. These buckets only cost $1 at target, I made the signs myself ,and then hot glued them to the buckets. Voila!!!! Basically, the way they work is that all of the students have a popsicle stick with their number on it (inspired by the Pick Me Pot  from A Cupcake For The Teacher I found on Pinterest). ALL the students begin EACH DAY with their number in the SUPER kid bucket. I feel that every day is a fresh new start. If throughout the day a student breaks a class rule I usually give them a verbal warning. Then if their misbehavior continues I ask the child to “move your number” meaning they move their stick to the WARNING bucket. Warning bucket is exactly that, a formal warning that they are not abiding by the class rules. If during the day the student breaks another rule, they then move their number to the NO RECESS bucket which is pretty self explanatory. Finally, the last bucket is for a NOTE HOME. My students rarely move their number to the last bucket. I’ve also found that they cherish their recess time and try not to lose their recess privileges. The second classroom management plan I have is simple… TABLE POINTS!    (click on the picture to download the FREE sign. I mounted it onto construction paper, laminated, and added magnets to the back. I can then write on it using an EXPO marker and erase with a Magic Eraser) imageIn my class, table points are awarded to tables that work well together during classroom transitions. For example, if the students are asked to clear their desks after a science lesson and to take out their homework, then the first table to do so while showing good teamwork (this is essential) earns points for their table. I do NOT reward table points if I hear students bickering with each other about being too slow, etc… On the contrary, I make a point to state how much “I LOVED watching Table #2 working together!” Then on Friday the table with the most points earns a treat. On Monday, each table starts all over again with zero points. My last classroom management plan is individual based and focuses on POSITIVE behavior. Every so often I change up the way I manage this part of my behavior plan just to keep things interesting. It’s also fun to see when previous students come back to visit and see the changes. They usually say how much they loved the “Bear Bucks” (economy system) we had or the “green tickets” we used… but of course they then begin asking many questions about the new system in place. Well, this year I am proud to introduce my BAM Balls Behavior Management System! (inspired by the Warm Fuzzy Jar from A Love For Teaching I found on Pinterest) large bam bam Since I have a Super kid/hero theme this year I needed a catchy title and came up with BAM balls. BAM stands for “Students Caught Being AMazing!” The way this system works is that each student has a small BAM container on their desk to hold the BAM’s they earn. The small plastic containers came 4 for $1 at the dollar store. What I also love about them is that I was able to find them in four different colors that go with my multicolor color scheme. You must be asking yourself.. how do student’s earn BAMs?… Well, by doing things that are AMAZING. For example, if a student answers a difficult question, helps another student without being asked or seeking praise, if a child is praised by another teacher, is walking in the halls in an AMAZING way, etc… basically any behavior that I think is AMAZING earns BAMS. These soft and colorful balls are meant to motivate! So I use them as such. Then at the end of 2 weeks, the students will trade in BAM balls for Treat Tokens that were inspired by the talented Mel D’s behavior coupons. Check out her blog at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations.    Treat Tokens PDF-001Aside from my classroom management plans, I also wanted to share a few more things I made for my classroom that were Pinterest inspired. Here are the 2 pencil buckets that I will use to organize the sharpened and unsharpened pencils my students can borrow if they do not have one for the day. These buckets are an effort to keep pencils from being left on the floor. The buckets were only $.99 at Party City, the ribbon was left over from my classroom sign, and the Ready to Write and Sharpen Please signs were Freebies from Peace, Love, and Learning that you can download for Free by clicking here. ready to write sharpen please Next, I created this jar of highlighters located next to my turn in your work trays to remind my students to write their name on their papers. The way it works is that when students go to turn in their paper they take a highlighter from the jar that says “Wait! Did you remember to write your name?” and they must then highlight their name BEFORE placing it in the tray. I found this idea here on Pinterest from Welcome to Room 36 and know that my students are going to LOVE it. As it is my third graders love to highlight, so I know that being able to choose from a variety of different colored highlighters to highlight there name is going to be a great novelty that will work in my favor…LOVE IT!!!! If you’d like to download the sign for your classroom click here. write your name Which of these ideas has inspired you to try them out in your own classroom? XOXO, Melissa Signature

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