Thanksgiving Activities

Our Thanksgiving break doesn’t begin until Wednesday…so for planning purposes we actually had 3 days to plan for this week. Actually, we only had 2 days since Tuesday is Career Day. So what’s a teacher to do when she only has two days of teaching time, and a very excited bunch of kiddos that have elves and turkey on the brain? Make Turkeys… that’s exactly what we ended up doing! We started our morning with this Turkey Craftivity. Turkey Word Problem Craftivity Final JPEG TURKEY The kiddos had a blast working with a partner and practicing their multiplication and division problem solving skills. You see every turkey feather had a different word problem to solve, and before students could glue down their feathers, their partners had to check that their answers were correct. Take a look at them working hard on their turkeys… Slide2tukey work pic JPEG Slide1Slide5Later on in the day we also read about Pilgrim children. We were all shocked to read that when the Pilgrim children misbehaved they were placed in stocks rather than a simple timeout. As a matter of fact, we learned so many NEW facts about the Pilgrims, that the children had no problem sharing their new found knowledge in a Thanksgiving acrostic poem they wrote. Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 I think throughout the years, my 3rd graders have read quite a bit about the life of Pilgrim adults, but not the Pilgrim children… so they found  Mrs. Goodwin’s The Life of a Pilgrim Child a fascinated read. (Go check out her fabulous FREE Thanksgiving resource here or go visit her at I Live 2 Learn I Love 2 Grow) turkey book JPEG Now that you’ve seen a little bit about what we’ve been working on, I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to. Have you found any great informational resources for your class? I’d love to hear about them… signature 2 jeg

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