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As a parent, I want to know how my children are doing in school. I want to know if they are struggling with decimals or need help with a particular reading strategy. So as a teacher, I try to keep my parents informed of their child’s progress. How do I do it when I have a class of 20-30 some students you may be asking? With HOME COMMUNICATORS! folder Home Communicators are basically manila file folders that I send home every Friday with graded work for the week. The folder also has a log on the inside cover where I add the date the work is going home, have a place for parents to sign, and have a comments section. I staple together all of the papers that go inside of the folders and the parents and students are both aware that EVERYTHING that goes home in this folder must be returned on Monday. Then on Monday morning I give a BAM to any student that returns their Home Communicator signed on Monday. (Click on the word BAM to read more about my classroom management system) After using Home Communicators for over 6 years I don’t know what I’d do without them.parent signup sheet I LOVE my Home Communicators!!! How do you keep your parents informed of their child’s progress? XOXO, Melissa Signature

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