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Quick Weeknight Recipe For Busy Teachers

Are you looking for a quick recipe you can count on when you walk in the door from a crazy busy day at work or a night of taxing children to and from after school activities? If so, just know you are not alone... This Rotisserie Chicken Wrap recipe is quick, easy, and the perfect weeknight meal for those chaotic nights. Since you start with a fully cooked rotisserie chicken, this dish can be ready in no time at all!

When my husband and I first got married, I cooked EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! I loved to cook… I can remember spending hours searching through recipe books and magazines looking for new recipes. I had a weekly meal plan, and I was guilty of visiting the grocery store a few times a week.  What can I say… We had no real commitments back then. It was just the two of us!     Fastforward 18 years… Boy have things changed… For starters, it’s…

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Tips & Tricks

Website Launch & Giveaway

Hi there friends… I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share with you the launch of my new website! It’s been a work in progress for the past few…