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8 Ways to Help Ease Your Students’ Test Anxiety

This week I blogged over at iTeach Third about how to help ease your students’ testing anxiety. It’s unfortunate but we all have those students that get REALLY nervous during the Big Test… some so badly that they actually make themselves sick. If you know what I’m talking about, then I think you’re going to love the 8 tips I share and the freebies I’ve included. Here’s a small teaser… 

My students and I are currently in Crunch Mode… unfortunately this does NOT mean that we spend the day doing stomach crunches or eating Crunch bars, although I wouldn’t mind a Crunch bar marathon :0) Instead this is what we call the last few weeks before our high stakes testing begins. For most, this is also the time when anxiety levels are through the roof for teachers, students, and parents alike. Especially in my state (Florida) where student retention is determined based on test scores.

I’ve seen first hand how HORRIBLE anxiety can be. It can cause so many symptoms ranging from stomach aches, head aches, clammy hands, nausea, sleepless nights, anger, frustration, inability to think clearly and even hives! (Yes, I actually had a parent break out in hives one year due to stress)
We can’t change the fact that our students have to test, what we CAN do is help them deal with their testing anxiety. If you’re unsure where to start, here are 8 ways you can help…
  • Practice Breathing Exercises- In my school we call our relaxation technique S.B.G. or STOP, BREATHE, and GO. When students feel frustrated during a test, they stop and close their eyes, breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth (2 times), and then go on or continue with their test. We practice how to do this quietly at our seats so that others aren’t disturbed.
Head on over to iTeach Third to read the rest of my post…

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